Top Travel Tips


The voyage doesn’t end once you have travelled but is played out over and over again when you are with yourself.

To travel is not merely to go to different places for a change and come back but it’s a learning experience where you observe so much that sometimes your whole outlook and perspective towards something changes. And you revisit those experiences again and again because they leave a deep imprint on your mind, not to forget that they are always one of the most special and happy moments of your life. Things to do in Norway with circus event cruises. You can check them out and prebook them here, fjordcruise oslo.

Now, when travelling is such an important and influential thing, it better be good because this is going to remain with you for your complete lifetime. And good things are achieved with preparation. So, here I am going to share some of the best travelling tips to keep in mind before walking out to explore. These tips will surely make your experience improve from good to best.

Tip no. 1: WAKE UP EARLY

– That’s right. Follow what your mother has always been telling you to do because mom’s advice is never wrong. Rising up at the time when the sun rises will provide you the opportunity to view best attractions at their best, peacefully with no crowd to disturb your personal moment.


– You never know what the time and place has in store for you especially, if it’s an unknown place you know nothing about. So, always keep some extra cash with you in case situation turn around in a way that you need money more than you thought. No one else would come to your rescue. You will be your own saviour so better be prepared.

– And ofcourse, don’t keep it all in your wallet. Choose some safer place like your shoes or socks, something where pick pocketers can’t detect it.


– Enrich your experience by interacting with the native people of that place. Only going for sight- seeing of the picturesque landscape won’t help you learn and increase you general knowledge about the place.

– Making friends with locals can provide you with an all new experience – new food, clothes, language, culture and so on.

– They might also provide you with some amazing tips to follow in that particular area that you might not be aware about or other activities to do or sites to visit that weren’t in your check list.


– Passport, Visas, and other doccuments are very essential, especially when you are in foreign country and no one knows you. Always carry them with you, not only the originals but also the copies.

– In case you loose the originals, you should have their copies at least to save you from falling into trouble.

– No, don’t just rely on the photocopies but also keep their clicked pics with you. Store the digital copies on Google drive from where you can restore them anytime, anywhere.

Tip no. 5: MAKE NOTES

– Maintain a personal travellogue where you note down all your experiences throughout various journeys that you undertake. This will allow you to relive the moment even after years, clearly as if you were travelling at that very moment.

– This will be a precious treasure for you, your family and friends.

I hope, you found these tips useful. Just pack your bags and give it a shot. Whole world is waiting to be explored by you. Live every moment of it and enjoy every second of it.

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